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VO Software

Capture, view and store digital Images

Perform an otoscopic examination and place the REM probe microphone tube in the ear canal

Conveniently shows a list of captured pictures, comments and previews of the selected images

View a picture then zoom in and enhance it

User friendly, NOAH™ & TIMS® compatible

An integrated video module is standard in all MedRx software














































Video Otoscope

MedRx Video Otoscopes

Store pictures in NOAH, retrieve results easily for followup visits showing the patients their progress.

MedRx Video Otoscope

The remarkably clear resolution of the MedRx Video Otoscopes is particularly helpful when comparing a clean ear canal with normal eardrum to a canal that has excessive cerumen, foreign bodies, external otitis, PE Tube status, cholesteatoma, TM perforations or other abnormalities.


Choose from two MedRx Video Otoscopes with a patented lens/probe design that presents ultra-clear and crisp images

MedRx Video Otoscope

USB Capture Dongle

Plug the Video Otoscope straight into a monitor or connect to your computer via a USB Capture Dongle


MedRx Video Otoscope



USB Camera

One USB Cable Connection To Your Computer



Choose from the powerful external (SLS) Standard Light Source or the built-in LED Light Handle



The external (SLS) Standard Light Source

The SLS utilizes a 21 volt, 150 watt halogen bulb, fiber optic cable and a variable light intensity dial. Click here to see a picture taken with the Video Otoscope and the SLS Light Source.


The built-in LED Light Handle

The battery operated LED Light Handle produces virtually no heat and comes with two sets of rechargeable batteries. Click here to see a picture taken with the Video Otoscope and the LED Light Handle


Watch the video to learn how to change the bulb in your External Light Source
DO NOT touch recently lit bulb. Bulbs get very hot.
DO NOT touch inside of lightbulb when changing. Grasp bulbs from the outside.

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Video Otoscope Set-Up Manual Rev 15  | Video Otoscope Training Manual Rev 9