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Designed to give dispensers and technicians a functional tool for repairing, restoring and maintaining hearing aids
MedRx UltraVac+

The UltraVac+ is easy to use – which makes it ideal for those who may just be getting started but powerful enough for the demands of the most experienced technician.

Functions of your UltraVac+

  • The Drying Chamber – Displaces moisture trapped within the hearing instruments. You can place two ITEs, or one BTE with an earmold, into the chamber at one time.
  • The Vacuum Wand – Used to extract ear wax and debris from the receiver tubes, microphone tubes, vents and battery compartments of the hearing instruments.
  • The Pressure Function – Used to blow air through the Pressure Wand to clear obstructed Vacuum Wand Tips and to blow debris from the receiver tubes, microphone tubes, vents and battery compartments of the hearing instruments.

The Vacuum & Pressure Wands work simultaneously. The Wands and the Drying Chamber cannot be used simultaneously. By turning on one of these functions, the other will automatically be turned off.

UltraVac+ features:

  • 4 minute Drying Chamber cycle with auto shut off
  • Display panel indicates the vacuum level of the Drying Chamber and time remaining during use
  • Separate Pressure and Vacuum Wands work simultaneously
  • In-line Vacuum Hose filter – minimize debris in the system
  • Easy to use and easy to keep clean

Changing the Drying Chamber Filter

Changing the Vacuum Wand Filter

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Download the UltraVac Manuals, Data Sheets, etc. here in PDF format

Accessories, etc.

Technical Specs

Power Requirements:
100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: <100 Watts

Fuse: 2.5A @ 100-240V

Operating Temperature:
32° to 120° F • 0° to 50° C

Weight: Approx 11 lbs • Approx 5 kg

Approx 11.25” x 12” x 6.25” (L x W x H)
Approx 29 cm x 31 cm x 16 cm (L x W x H)

Debris Filter: I-63S

Vacuum Tips: #14, #15, 2-#18 and 2-#20 gauge with Safety Lock attachment

Drying Chamber Cycle Time: 4 minutes with auto shut-off

Vacuum Wand: Continuous Use

Pressure Wand: Continuous Use

Standard Accessories: Drying Chamber Cup & Filter, Vacuum Wand Filter with O-Ring, 6 Vacuum Wand Tips, Cleaning Tool Kit, Instruction Manual