HIT+ Set-Up Videos

In this series you will learn how to install the HIT+ software, confirm the sound card settings plus look at what accessories came with the HIT+. Click on any video below to begin.

PART 1. Software Installation – 01:34

Part 2. Confirm Sound Card Settings – 00:59

Part 3. HIT+ Accessories – 02:09

HIT+ Testing Videos

In this series we will walk you through using your HIT+. This course will teach you how to calibrate the coupler response, attach and set-up the hearing instrument in the test box, run ANSI tests plus print reports.

Calibrate Coupler Response – 01:44

Attaching and Installing RIC Hearing Instruments into the Test Chamber – 02:27

Attaching and Installing ITE Hearing Instruments into the Test Chamber – 02:40

Attaching and Installing BTE Hearing Instruments into the Test Chamber – 01:40

HIT Testing and Printing Results 03:50