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Hearing Aid Analyzer As Per ANSI S3.22-2009, IEC 60118-7:2005

Speaker Output:
Max 95 dB SPL

Frequency Range:
125 Hz - 8000 Hz ± 0.5%

Coupler Mic:
Max Input Level: 140 dB SPL

Reference Mic:
Omni Directional Microphone

Battery Simulator Output:
Adjustable Output Voltage: 0.1V - 1.5V In 100mV Steps Accuracy ± 5%. Current Measurement: 20uA - 20mA Accuracy ± 5%. Battery Pills Provided: 10A, 13, 312 And 675

Magnetic Loop:
31.6mA/m Magnetic Strength, Per ANSI Standard

Communication Port: USB

Power Requirements: USB Power

Approx 9.5” x 9.8” x 6”
(L x W x H)

Net Weight:
Approx 7 lbs

Acoustically Dampened Enclosure

Environmental Requirements:
Working Temperature Range
From 50°F To 95°F

HIT plus


Hearing Instrument Test Chamber

HIT plus openThe AVANT HIT+ is an advanced programmable PC-based hearing instrument test chamber. AVANT HIT+ offers comprehensive ANSI and IEC test protocols that offer user- selectable automated testing.

This device is USB-powered, eliminating direct power connections to the wall. With its small footprint (9.5” x 9.8” x 6”), AVANT HIT+ is discreet and space-saving. All test results are seamlessly stored within the NOAH™ patient database and it is also TIMS® compatible.

The system provides all standard couplers, battery pills, cables and software as part of the standard package.

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HIT Box Coupler Assembly
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