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ANSI S3.6-2010,Type 2 AE (IEC 60645-1&2) Tone Audiometry, Speech Audiometry

Channels: Two

Insert Earphones or TDH 39 Headphones (DD45). B71 Bone Conductor, Free Field - Line Level Output

Tone Stimuli:

Pure Tone, Warble Tone, Continuous Or Pulsed. Warble Modulation Frequency And Pulse Period Are User Adjustable.

Masking Signals:
Tone Audiometry: Narrow Band Noise (Default), Speech Weighted Noise, White Noise. Speech Audiometry: Speech Weighted Noise (Default), White Noise, External Recorded (Opposite Channel).

Frequency Range
USB Power Only:
Air: 125 Hz - 8000 Hz
Bone: 250 Hz - 8000 Hz
Sound Field: 125 Hz - 8000 Hz (Line Level)

Acoustic Distortion:

< 1.0% At 500 Hz, 100dB SPL

Noise Floor:

< -10dB HL From 125 Hz – 8000 Hz


1dB Or 5dB Steps, User Selectable

Minimum / Maximum Output:

-10 dB To 120 dB HL At 1 KHz – Air (¼ Inch Mono Jacks)
-10 dB To 75 dB HL At 1 KHz – Bone (¼ Inch Mono Jack)

Free Field Output:
Frequency Range 125 Hz - 8000 Hz
Dynamic Range 60-90+ dB SPL At 1 Meter Distance
(Using 50 Watt Stereo Amplifier With 89 dB Sensitivity Speakers)

Speech Input:
Microphone (3.5 mm Stereo Jacks)

I/O Jacks - 3.5mm
Operator Headphones (Output)
Operator Talk Forward Microphone
Patient Talk Back Microphone
Free Field (Line Out)

I/O Jacks – 1/4"
Left Air Conduction (2)
Right Air Conduction (2)
Bone Conduction
Patient Response Switch

Communication Port:
USB (Provides All Device Power)

Power Requirements:
USB Power +5 Volts DC, Less Than 500mA

Approx 6.5" x 5" x 1.25"
(L x W x H)
Approx. 16.5 cm x 12.7 cm x 3.2 cm (L x W x H)

Weight: <1 lb
< 500 g

Aluminum Chassis Bottom, Molded PC ABS With Stainless Steel Insert Top Cover With Plastic Feet

Environmental Requirements
Working Temperature Range From 50F (10C) To 95F (35C)
Humidity Range From 30 To 90 %
Atmospheric Pressure Range From 98 kPa To 104 kPa
Storage Temperature Range At Least From 0°C To 50°C

A2D+ Approx 5"x6"


The 2-Channel Diagnostic Audiometer

A2D+ undersideAt MedRx, continuous improvement is a way of life. We listen to our customers!

Now 1-1/2 " Longer To Accommodate Two Sets of Headphones at the Same Time, Now with Automatic Driver Installation and Now the A2D+ is No Longer USB Port Specific!

• Dual Channel Audiometer
• Air, Bone & Speech Functions
• Powerful 3rd Party Counseling Tools
• Integrated QuickSIN™
• Automated Audiometry
• Compact Design, Portable
• Small Footprint
• PC-based via USB Connection
• Runs within NOAH™ or Stand Alone

The AVANT™ A2D+ is truly plug and play. No need to load separate drivers during the initial device installation. Simply install the operating software, plug the device into the USB 2.0 port of your computer and you are ready to test. No longer USB port specific! The computer will recognize the audiometer immediately, making the installation process even faster and easier.

The new design also provides dual air conduction ports, allowing two separate headsets to be plugged in simultaneously. No more inconvenient plugging and unplugging of headsets.

The Ultimate Office+ Package

Get the AVANT A2D+ Dual Channel Audiometer and the AVANT REM Speech+ Live Speech Mapping System along with a convenient carrying case. Together they make up The Ultimate Office+, the complete audiological testing & fitting system. 

Call Today to Experience the New AVANT A2D+ and see why it's changeing dignostic audiometry world wide 

Customize your A2D+ software videoCustomize your A2D+ software
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